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What Is Polytechnic course | Complete Information

What is Polytechnic course

Polytechnic courses offer fabulous scope for the students to finish their education on time after 10th class and go into work profession. With less expand on polytechnic training, who can earn more than 2 lakhs for every annum in any industry at the beginning of their vocation. Students have the opportunity to go for advanced education subsequent to finishing the polytechnic course.

The advantage of studying polytechnic course

1. The first point those who finished the polytechnic course can participate in engineering courses and can finish them with less use.

2. Understudies the students who finish polytechnic course can join directly second year engineering course (degree course) by writing ECET (engineering common entrance test) entrance exam.

3. Polytechnic course will have more practicals and are more application situated. It will assist the students with shining great in industrial companies.

4. The subject what students studied at Polytechnic will also be there in the degree course. Study of degree course will be easy after completing polytechnic courses( Diploma)

5. Organizations are enlisting diploma to finish polytechnic student rather than an engineering student as they leave their job again & again.

There is a list of Polytechnic courses

  1. Architectural Assistantship
  2. Automobile Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Computer Science and Engineering
  7. Electrical Engineering
  8. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  9. Electronics and Communication Engineering – Industry Integrated
  10. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  11. Electronics (Microprocessor)
  12. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  13. Fashion Design
  14. Food Technology
  15. Garment Technology
  16. Information Technology
  17. Instrumentation Technology
  18. Interior Design and Decoration
  19. Leather Technology
  20. Leather Technology (Footwear)
  21. Library and Information Sciences
  22. Mechanical Engineering
  23. Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  24. Mechanical Engineering (Tool and Die)
  25. Marine Engineering
  26. Medical Laboratory Technology
  27. Plastic Technology
  28. Production and Industrial Engineering
  29. Textile Design
  30. Textile Processing
  31. Textile Technology (Spinning)
  32. Textile Technology (Weaving)
  33. Textile Technology (Knitting)

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