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MAKHNA |Yo Yo Honey Singh Video Song

Yo Yo Honey Singh is coming back to the music scene again with his new song ‘Makhna‘. Best song Makhna has been released and Honey Singh’s fans are excitedly sitting tight for this song. Yo Yo Honey Singh has expanded the enthusiasm by releasing the song BTS videos of the song.

This Song’s Lyrics has been given below:

Tujhe diamond jaisey sambhal ke rakhna
Tere pyar ka appetiser chakhna
Tujhe diamond jaise sambhal ke rakhna
Pyaar ka appetiser chakhna
Aur kisi pe gaur na kar
Mere paas aake bol mujhe tu makhna

Makhna Makhna

O mere makhna
O mere makhna

Makhna, makhna, makhna yei
Makhna, makhna, makhna
Makhna, makhna, makhna yei
Makhna, makhna, makhna

(English Rap Lyrics)
That girl is trouble
The way she move like that
The way she wanna bring it right back
Yea she bad like that
I’m calling all the freaks beware (x2)

Yo Yo Honey Singh!

Tu tu tu tururu

(Yo Yo Honey Singh Rap)
Mein aur mere kalakar
Sab baith ke kare chill
Par main hoon womanizer
Mujhe akele mein mat mill

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