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ITI Best Career Option After 10th | Course Detail In Hindi

ITI best career option after 10th & 12th, It refers to Industrial Training Institute. It has been made of providing vocation training. ITIs are constituted under the Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Union Government. ITI best career option after 10th, here in this video, you will be learning about this courses after 10th & 12th. This video’s aim has been crafted keeping the needs of vocational skills. It is one of job oriented courses who make you able to work in a short of a period of time. You will be able to work within the 1 to 2 years. ITI impart technical training. The main focus on providing vocational training skill and developing industry in the level of specific skills. The first aim of such institutes is to make you a skilled workforce in India. At this time, there are many institutes across India, Government and private, providing vocational training. Completing the ITI course, the candidates are able to appear for All India Trade Test. Successful candidates are given the National Trade Certificate.

There Are Many Course in ITI which is Following Below:

  1. Tool & Die Maker
  2. Draughtsman (Civil Engineering), 2 years 10th passed
  3. Draughtsman ( Mechanical Engineering), 2 years, 10th passed
  4. Fitter, 2 years, 10th passed
  5. Turner, 2 years, 10th passed
  6. Information Technology, 2 years, 10th passed
  7. Machinist, 10th passed
  8. Refrigeration, 2 years, 10th passed
  9. Mechanical Instrument, 2 years, 10th passed
  10. Electrician, 2 years, 10th passed
  11. Mechanic Motor Vehicle, 2 years, 10th passed
  12. Mechanic Radio & T.V., 2 years, 10th passed
  13. Mechanic Electronic, 2 years, 10th passed
  14. Surveyor, 2 years, 10th passed
  15. Foundry Man, 1 year, 10th passed
  16. Sheet Metal Worker, 1 year, 10th passed
  17. Diesel Mechanic, 1 year, 10th passed
  18. Pump Operator, 1 year, 10th passed
  19. Motor Driving-Cum-Mechanic, 1 year, 10th passed
  20. Dress Making, 1 year, 10th passed
  21. Secretarial Practice, 1 year, 10th passed
  22. Hair & Skin Care, 1 year, 10th passed
  23. Fruite & Vegetable Processing, 1 year, 10th passed
  24. Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print, 1 year, 10th passed
  25. Letter Press Machine Mender, 1 year, 10th passed
  26. Hand Compositor, 1 year, 10th passed
  27. Commercial Art, 1 year, 10th passed
  28. Manufacture Foot Wear, 1 year, 10th passed
  29. Leather Goods maker, 1 year, 10th passed

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