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Fully Automatic Attendance Sheet in Excel | Full Explain in Hindi

Here You are going to learn, How to create Fully Automatic Attendance Sheet in Excel with Easy Way in Hindi. This Excel sheet has fully automated with some new features.
Where can we use attendance sheet? In order to track attendance at meetings, clubs, work, school, and church. suppose that we are a manager and manage company data and employees routine/listed and vacation time etc. Then We need work attendance sheet. we required to manage multiple employe’s data on a daily basis, Weekly, and monthly basis.

How to keep automatic data about employee absence and presence, automatically fill weekdays date, automatically fill months date, how to keep data leaves charges, payroll calculation

Each and everything knows about our employees’ activities like listed, employee absence and presence, the track of work shifts, automatically fill months date, vacation time, personal time and how to keep data leaves charges, payroll calculation. You can make attendance sheet through this learning and make it with color-coded attendance categories, It has become easy for us to keep data and get a quick overview of attendance patterns and employee availability after making this excel sheet. We can create easily an ongoing record, copy and paste, and fill them out monthly. There is a different type of attendance sheet in excel you can make like school attendance, factory attendance, performance report etc. The link is given below in order to make easy sheet and do practice & make it more effectively

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