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Best Use Causative Verbs | Get & Make | Explain in Hindi

Causative verbs are used where when the subject doesn’t perform the action himself but get his work done

कॉसटीवे वर्ब्स वह होती हैं जहां कोई व्यक्ति कोई काम खुद न करके बल्कि किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति से अपना काम करवाता है

There are two type of uses of getting our work done

हम दो तरह से अपना काम करवा सकते है

First: We can get our work done by forcefully

Second: We can get our work done by convincingly

When we get our work done by forcefully, we use (make). when we get our work done by convincingly than uses get

मेने उसे रुलाया = I made him cry.

वह मुझसे बर्तन ढुलवाया करता था = He is used to make me wash his clothes.  He is used to get me to wash his clothes

मैंने उससे यह कमरा साफ करवाया = I made him clean this room. I got him to clean this room.

उसका इरादा मुझसे तुमको जान से मारने का था = He intended to make me kill you. He intended to get me to kill you.

मनोज ने राम से एक पत्र लिखवाया = Manoj makes ram write a letter. Manoj gets ram to write a letter.

उसके पिता ने उससे अपनी कार साफ करवायी = His father made him wash the car. His father got him to wash his the car.

वह मुझसे खाना बनवा रहा था = He was making me cook food. He was getting me to cook food.

बेकार मौसम ने हमारा पिकनीं रद्द करवा दिया = The bad weather made us cancel our picnic.

अद्यापक ने हम सब स्टूडेंट को एक एस्से लिखवाया = A teacher made all the student write the essay.

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